Chester Theatre Company’s 2023 Season!

The Making of a Great Moment

Written by Peter Sinn Nachtreib
Directed by James Barry
June 22-July 2
Actors Mona and Terry are on tour with an epic, a four-hour opus called “Great Moments in Human Achievement.” In New Hampshire. On bicycles. While camping. The Making of a Great Moment features a play-within-a-play, and it is an uproariously funny love letter to the theatre. Or is it?
“Likely to resonate with anyone who’s ever had doubts about personal life choices…a nonstop delight.” (San Francisco Examiner)

Guards at the Taj

Written by Rajiv Joseph
July 6-16
Two friends stand guard at the site of one of the most stunning buildings the world has ever seen, the Taj Mahal. They protect it with their lives, yet they are forbidden from looking upon its beauty. But there is an ugly side to nearly everything. Perfection comes at a price, and those in power decide who pays and at what cost.

The Light

Written by Loy A. Webb
Directed by Christina Franklin
July 27-August 6
Rashad and Genesis have just gotten engaged. To celebrate, he wants to take her to a show by a local Chicago musician who’s made it big. When she refuses, revealing that the rapper assaulted a friend in college, the celebration is cut short. As their discussion grows into an argument, more secrets are exposed, and the past threatens to overshadow their future.
The Light is a “story of revelation, redress, and hopeful reconciliation cued at the intersection of #MeToo and Black Lives Matter.” (Stage Left)
Christina Franklin, director of 2022’s Pass Over and 2021’s The Niceties (both Berkshire Theatre Critics Award nominated) returns for her third season at CTC.

Circle Mirror Transformation

Written by Annie Baker
Directed by Daniel Elihu Kramer
August 10-20
Five very different people come together in a Vermont community center for an amateur acting class. They are there to learn about performing, but their games and exercises teach them more about themselves and each other than they do about theatre.
“Annie Baker’s play is an absolute feast. Circle Mirror Transformation is the kind of unheralded gem that sends people into the streets babbling and bright-eyed with the desire to spread the word.” (New York Times)
Former CTC Producing Artistic Director Daniel Elihu Kramer returns to direct.
In addition, CTC will be offering a special mid-summer special event:

Unreconciled (Workshop Production)

Co-written by and Starring Jay Sefton
Co-written by Mark Basquill
Directed by James Barry
July 20-21
The true story of a young boy who has his sights set on becoming and actor and the priest who exploits his love of theatre to abuse him. From a Catholic school in the suburbs of Philadelphia to a law office on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Unreconciled is the journey from finding your voice to then using it to save yourself.