Play Submissions


Play Submission Policy

Chester Theatre Company seeks to partner with playwrights in developing and producing new work. Toward that end, we maintain as close to an open submission policy as our resources permit.

When submitting plays, please bear in mind that our usual cast size ranges from 2-4 actors. We occasionally produce one person shows. We infrequently produce plays with casts larger than 4.

Our audiences come to us for plays that will engage them in stories, characters, and ideas.

We actively seek plays that offer opportunities for diverse casting.


All playwrights are invited to submit the following materials:

1. A synopsis of the play, including a casting/character breakdown
2. A 10 page sample
3. A resume or biography

We will contact you if we would like to read the full play.

Agents and artistic directors are welcome to contact us to submit full scripts for consideration.

All submissions and inquiries should be made electronically, and addressed to:

Please use Play Submission as the subject of your email.