Unreconciled (World Premiere)

July 4–14 

Written by Jay Sefton and Mark Basquill

Directed by James Barry


Unreconciled is the true story of an adolescent actor cast as Jesus in a play directed by a pedophile priest. The play chronicles a survivor’s journey as he confronts his past and discovers the courage to use his voice and redefine what reconciliation means. Jay Sefton’s virtuosic solo performance is an unflinching quest for justice, brimming with heart, humor, and compassion.


Starring Jay Sefton

Scenery and projections design by Tony nominee, Nick Hussong

Lighting design by James McNamara


“I’ve been coming to Chester Theatre since the days of Vincent Dowling, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything as powerful or moving at your theater as Unreconciled.” 

“Sometimes a work gets under the skin in such a way that it reveals the falseness of so much contemporary theater. That’s what this work did for me. The authenticity of the performance, and the simple surprising beauty of the staging, both got to me, and I thank you for it.”

— Audience members who saw last year’s midseason workshop of Unreconciled