The Night Alive

Written by Conor McPherson

Directed by Daniel Elihu Kramer

June 20 – 30, 2019

Tommy rents a single room in his Uncle Maurice’s Dublin house. Doc, a friend with whom Tommy does odd jobs, bunks in, and the two scrape by in the disheveled, messy bedsit, untethered and without direction. The “routine” is disrupted when Tommy saves a young prostitute named Aimee from an assault and brings her back to the house to get herself together. She stays, shaking up the group dynamics, especially when her boyfriend shows up.


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Now Circa Then

Written by Carly Mensch

Directed by Sean Christopher Lewis

July 4 – 14

Set in a New York tenement museum, Now Circa Then dances between the tale of two young immigrants, Josephine and Julian, making their way in their new country in the 1890s, and the developing relationship of Margie and Gideon, a mismatched pair of re-enactors hired to portray them. Things take a turn when the young museum employees’ relationship spills into the story they are charged with acting out.


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On the Exhale

Written by Martín Zimmerman

Directed by Colette Robert

July 25 – August 4

When a college professor suffers the unthinkable loss of her son in a school shooting, she fixates not on the shooter, but on the weapon itself. Her attempts to understand what happened unleash unexpected feelings about power, violence, and the role we all play in this American epidemic. Starring Tara Franklin.


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Curve of Departure

Written by Rachel Bonds

Directed by Keira Naughton

August 8 – 18

A father, an ex-wife, a son, and the son’s partner gather in a New Mexico motel the night before the burial of the man to whom they are all connected, but to whom they feel little connection. As they prepare themselves for the funeral in the confines of the crowded room, they grapple with the family dynamics of the past, present and the future, all of which outsize the space they find themselves in. Curve of Departure  is a tender drama told with humor and grace.


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