Technology Sponsorship

auntie 061In the spring of 2014, CTC received a critical update to our decade-old office technology. Thanks to support from the Charles H. Hall Foundation and a Technology Sponsorship from a longtime Friend of CTC, CTC was able to replace our computers and update our software.The result has been a dramatic increase in productivity – which means we can focus on the important work of producing high-quality theatre.

But there are still critical updates and improvements that need to be done – and you can help us by becoming a Technology Sponsor. Technology sponsorships start at $500. In addition to sponsor privileges (see Season Sponsorship page), Technology Sponsors are recognized on a plaque on our office door.


Here is what your sponsorship could do:

· $500 brings WiFi to our theatre space, allowing for a more efficient box office experience

· $1000 purchases the theatre much-needed design software, cutting down on the cost of marketing material design and generation

· $2000 provides us with a new donor database software, improving our services to our donors and allowing CTC to grow our donor development programs

If you would like to become a Technology Sponsor, contact Alexandra Tasak at 413-354-7770 or