Circle Mirror Transformation

Circle Mirror Transformation

August 10-20

Written by Annie Baker

Directed by Daniel Elihu Kramer

In this work by Pulitzer Prize winner and MacArthur fellow Annie Baker, five very different people come together in a Vermont community center for a theatre workshop. Their games and exercises teach them more about themselves and each other than they do about acting. 

Daniel Elihu Kramer, former Producing Artistic Director, returns to Chester to close out the 34th Season. Tara Franklin, current Co-Producing Artistic Director, plays Theresa, while former CTC intern Hero Marguerite plays Lauren.

Director Sponsor: Marisa Labozzetta and Martin Wohl

The Light

The Light

July 26-August 6

Written by Loy A. Webb

Directed by Christina Franklin

Rashad and Genesis have just gotten engaged. To celebrate, he wants to take her to a show by a local musician who’s made it big. When she refuses, secrets are revealed, and the past threatens to overshadow their future.

Production Sponsor: Emily Wojcik and Michael Thurston

Director Sponsor: Rhonda and Carl Steeg

Guards at the Taj

Two friends stand guard at the site of one of the most stunning buildings the world has ever seen, the Taj Mahal. They protect it with their lives, yet they are forbidden from looking upon its beauty. But there is an ugly side to nearly everything. Perfection comes at a price, and those in power decide who pays and at what cost.


Production Sponsor: Charles and Jane Johnson

Director Sponsor: Jeanne and Frank Speizer

Design Sponsor: Dr. R. Allison Ryan

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In The Spotlight

The Making of a Great Moment

Actors Mona and Terry are on tour with an epic show entitled “Great Moments in Human Achievement.” In New Hampshire. On bicycles. While camping. The Making of a Great Moment is an uproariously funny love letter to the theatre, with two actors portraying dozens of characters: Bill Bowers stars as Terry, and Esther Williamson stars as Mona. both making their CTC debuts.

James Barry, newly named Co-Producing Artistic Director, along with Tara Franklin, directs this hilarious and heartfelt opener for Chester Theatre Company’s 34th season.


Production Sponsor: The Sunny Reid Fund

Director Sponsor: Cipora Brown and Steve Feiner

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