Arms On Fire


written by Steven Sater with Music by Duncan Sheik

A new play with music by Steven Sater and Duncan Sheik, the Tony Award-winning creators of Spring Awakening. Ulysses, a factory worker in self-imposed exile, meets Smith, a young singer on the make. As Smith spins out dreams of his future, he also draws out Ulysses’ past — memories of his lost love Josephina, a passionate nightclub singer. When Josephina appears, both men must face truths about the present. A deeply moving and funny play about an unlikely friendship.

Performances are June 26-July 7.

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Arms On Fire is sponsored by Judy and Marty Bloomfield, Kathleen Lovell.
Production design is sponsored by Gail and Michael Perlman.
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Written by Karoline Leach

Downton Abbey meets Hitchcock, in this riveting psychological thriller set in Edwardian London. A handsome con-man — going by the name George Love — courts women, marries them, then takes their life savings and disappears. His latest target is lonely Adelaide Pinchin, but Adelaide has a peculiar effect on George, and almost nothing seems to go as he plans. Romance and suspense combine to create a tantalizing drama. Featuring Allison McLemore (The Turn of the Screw, The Nibroc Trilogy) and Justin Campbell (The Turn of the Screw).

“A compelling mix of style and substance that cloaks the play in an irresistible spell of emotional nuance and menace.”

Performances are July 11-21.
Wednesday-Saturday at 8 pm. Thursday and Sunday at 2 pm.

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Production design is sponsored by Shelley and Richard Holzman.
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Body Awareness

Written by Annie Baker

Phyllis has organized “Body Awareness Week” at the local college where she teaches. She and her partner Joyce, a high school teacher, are hosting Frank, a guest artist whose nude photos are being shown as part of the event. When Joyce’s grown son Jared — who swears he doesn’t have Asperger’s Syndrome — turns to Frank for advice, and Joyce considers posing for Frank, tensions rise in this smart and generous comedy from Obie Award winner (and Amherst native) Annie Baker.

“An engaging new comedy by a young playwright with a probing, understated voice…Its quiet rewards steal up on you.”
     -The New York Times

Performances are July 31-August 11.
Wednesday-Saturday at 8 pm. Thursday and Sunday at 2 pm. 

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An Iliad


by Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare
based on Homer’s The Iliad, translated by Robert Fagles

“Every time I sing this song, I hope it’s the last time.”

With his battered suitcase by his side, the poet tells his story: of gods and goddesses, kings and heroes, consuming envy, epic battles, an endless war. An ancient tale comes roaring back to life in a striking new telling filled with wit and eternal wisdom. Steve Hendrickson (Crime and Punishment, Blackbird, Mercy of a Storm), as an old man who’s seen too much, leads us on the sweeping journey.

“Spellbinding…an age-old story that resonates with tragic meaning today.”
      -The New York Times

Performances are August 15-25.
Wednesday-Saturday at 8 pm. Thursday and Sunday at 2 pm. 

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[sc:Small-Text-Start ] An Iliad is sponsored by Dorothy Benzian.
Production design is sponsored by Fred and Jessica Olefson.
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