Molly Sweeney

Widely recognized as Ireland’s greatest living playwright, Friel brings his unique brand of eloquence and warmth to three characters in search of a clear vision. There’s Molly, blind since early infancy, who undergoes an operation to restore her sight. There’s Frank, her husband, a dreamer and crusader who encourages her to take the risk. And finally, there’s Dr. Rice, trying to recapture the brilliance that once made him an internationally famous surgeon. Their stories interweave, each informed by its own “blindness”, until we arrive at an unexpected and touching conclusion.

Last Train to Nibroc

Christmas 1940, a soldier and a schoolteacher meet on a train somewhere between Los Angeles and Chicago, setting in motion a course of events neither can foresee. Arlene Hutton’s award winning comedy tracks May and Raleigh’s romance through years of missed connections. This funny, touching portrait of two people searching for happiness was nominated by the New York Drama League as Best Play of 1999 and was a smash hit at CTC in 2001.

See Rock City

June 1944. Raleigh and May have just returned from their honeymoon, and must navigate a tricky strait that includes in-laws from very different backgrounds, the hardships of World War II in rural Kentucky, the demands of their diverging livelihoods, and even the possibility that their future might not be together. In addition to sharing the plight of men like Raleigh whose ailments prevented service to their country, Hutton explores the difficulties facing May and millions of women who joined the work force only to be denied their jobs once the men return from overseas.

Gulf View Drive

Part 3 of the Nibroc Trillogy

1953. May and Raleigh have moved to Florida, where family pressures and the turbulence of events in their community threaten the dream of a quiet life together. Their house seems to shrink as relatives arrive, one by one, sharing surprising revelations that bring the nascent civil rights movement right to May and Raleigh’s door. Challenged to the very core of their beliefs,  they must consider unconventional solutions in order to find peace in a changing world.

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