Railroad Bill

Abe, a retread literary agent, is trying to teach Jessie, his African-American protege, the finer ethical points of making a killing. Samantha enters the picture with a hot commodity — the recently discovered journal of  legendary train robber Railroad Bill, the black Robin Hood. An hysterical bidding war ensues, one that brings out the worst in a cast of bumbling, scurrilous characters, none of whom is what they seem. A rapid-fire farce in the Mamet tradition, about Commerce and its perennial sidekick – Greed.


A Body of Water

Moss and Avis, a middle aged couple wake up one morning in a beautiful summer house overlooking a body of water. There’s only one problem — they can’t remember who they are. A young woman arrives and information begins to flood in. Only, much of it seems totally contradictory. Blessing, lays out a strange and thrilling journey into the nature of identity and its relationship to memory. A fascinating, sometimes chilling, existential, comic romance from one of America’s foremost playwrights.


Love Song

Beane is a social liability – an innocent, but literal-minded observer of life. His sister and her husband love Beane, but their get-togethers have hilariously disastrous outcomes. Following a burglary in Beane’s apartment, they are surprised to find Beane transformed — he’s blissfully happy – and in love for the first time. In their scramble to unravel the mystery of the new woman in Beane’s life, they are surprised to find the dormant fires in their marriage rekindled. A touching comic romance wrapped in an offbeat rhapsody to the power of love.

Dov and Ali

Dov is a Jewish high school English teacher. Ali is a Pakistani Muslim in Dov’s class. When Ali comes for extra help on THE LORD OF THE FLIES a complex relationship is born. Dov’s culture has taught him to question everything, Ali’s culture — to accept everything his father espouses. But, it’s the women in their lives who will pay the price for Dov and Ali’s failure to cross the cultural divide. A fearless play that tackles powerful world issues from an intimate, human perspective.

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