Meet Our Summer 2023 Interns!

We are so thrilled to welcome our latest crew of interns to the intern house at 4 Main! The internship program at Chester is a hugely important part of the work we do here. Interns have the opportunity to make professional connections, hone practical skills, and share their own unique talents, expertise and experiences with us as well.

This week we’ll be introducing our Artistic Interns–Abby and Natalie have been hard at work in the office and rehearsal room, taking ticket orders, designing programs, and assisting in rehearsals. As artistic interns, they also take on the role of Assistant Director for one show each this summer. Abby is currently assisting The Making of a Great Moment and Natalie will be joining the team for Circle, Mirror, Transformation. 



Abby Dobry is so excited to be with Chester Theatre Company this summer! When not in rehearsal, Abby can be found reading or writing–she would love to direct her own written play one day. She is currently a student at University of Pittsburgh, although her home state is Maryland where she lives with her two pittie rescue pups. She’s looking forward to making theater with young, like-minded artists this summer.





Natalie Werthamer remembers one of the most impactful productions she’s worked on being DNA by Dennis Kelly, and how the experience impacted her feelings about making theater. “[The characters] have such strong, intense, emotional and physical needs – and expect their friends to fulfill them, when in actuality, none of them are able to, and the ones that do, have no room for themselves. It is an honor to tell stories that may feel connected to who I am, but more importantly, tell someone else’s story as best I can.” When she’s not thinking about theater, Natalie loves to put stickers on everything she can, make jewelry in her free time, and create any colorful inspiration that intrigues her senses – “the use of colors, textiles, lights, and shapes, makes me very happy!”

She is from Miami Florida and currently attends Mt Holyoke College.