Interns Part II!

Here we are with part two of our Meet The Interns series!

This week we’ll be introducing one of our Stage Management Interns, Nico Fernandez, and our Costumes and Props Intern, Sophie Potts! Nico was the Assistant Stage Manager for The Making of a Great Moment and has now joined the SM team for The Light. Sophie has been hard at work assisting our costume designers and creating the many props for our first two shows–Sophie and Nico also starred briefly in one scene of our first production of the season! Nico, originally from Bayside NY, is a rising 4th year at Northeastern University studying Theater, Theater Production, Marketing and Film Production. Sophie hails from Beulah CO and currently studies Theater and Ancient History at Smith College.


~ What’s your dream project/production you’d like to work on and why?

Nico: Personally, I am a big fan of slapstick comedy shows and/or musicals. I would love to work one day as the Production Stage Manager for a modern revival of the musical Heathers (ideally on Broadway or in the West End) because I love the music and the energy of the dark comedy that is the show. My other long term goal is to one day work on a production of The Play That Goes Wrong or Peter Pan That Goes Wrong or any of the possible sequels they create because the overlap of stage magic (gone wrong) with wonderful acting and perfect execution on both ends made me fall in love with both shows when I saw them.

Sophie: My dream would be to work on a sci-fi/fantasy movie sun the realm of Star Wars or Lord of The Rings. The elaborate worlds those stories create are absolutely fascinating to me.

~ What about a production that you already worked on that really stuck with you?

Sophie: In high school, I was in a production of the Laramie Project and it was the first play I had ever done that really changed the people who came to see it. It drove home the profound need for theater in the world.

Nico: I was an ASM for Godspell and I was instantly drawn to the supportive community built around making that show.  I had fallen in love with theater when I saw the Broadway production of Wicked for the first time in my 7th grade and fell in love with being a part of that process with Godspell.

~ How about what you get up to when you’re not making theater! Hobbies, passions, weird talents/special skills?

Sophie: I love the outdoors (skiing, backpacking, kayaking, etc.) I read SO MUCH and I like to cook!

Nico: My main hobby at the moment is consuming popular media at alarming rates. Something I do that most people hate is watch TV shows, movies, and podcasts at 1.5 or 2 times speed (depending on the
platform). I’ve been able to get through a myriad of content this way!


~ Thank you Summer 2023 Interns!