The Road to Mecca


This unusual drama by a premiere contemporary dramatist focuses on Miss Helen, an old Boer woman who lives alone in the South African boondocks where she creates odd concrete sculptures which she calls her Mecca. A young woman who was once helped by Miss Helen has traveled hundreds of miles to help her in a time of crisis Miss Helen is in danger of being sent to an old folks’ home by a narrow minded minister who considers her sculptures a public nuisance. A penetrating study of the role of the artist in any society, this important play was produced in London and New York to great critical acclaim.


Marjory Shaw

Nick Plakias

Carolyn Vujcec


Written by Athol Fugard

Directed by Steven Williford

Scenic and Costume Design by Molly Reynolds

Lighting Design by J. Scott McElheney

Sound Design by Michael Meneguzzo