On a chilly night in East London, schoolteacher Kyra Hollis receives an unexpected visit from Tom Sergeant, Kyra’s one-time boss and long-time lover. After the painful (and unresolved) dissolution of Tom and Kyra’s relationship, the pair have pulled away from each other physically, emotionally, and ideologically, as Tom continues to focus on his business ventures and Kyra donates her time to teaching the underprivileged. Tom and Kyra grapple with each other, moving between tender passion and vicious political polemics, as the night darkens and the lines between past and present begin to blur. Skylight is a complex, thought-provoking, and remarkably timeless drama about power, politics, and passion.


Francesca Faridany

Nick Lawson

Terence Rigby


Written by David Hare

Directed by James Warwick

Scenic Design by Carl Sprague

Lighting Design by Lara Dubin

Costume Design by Susan J. Slack

Sound Design by Raymond Schilke