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June 1944. Raleigh and May have just returned from their honeymoon, and must navigate a tricky strait that includes in-laws from very different backgrounds, the hardships of World War II in rural Kentucky, the demands of their diverging livelihoods, and even the possibility that their future might not be together. In addition to sharing the plight of men like Raleigh whose ailments prevented service to their country, Hutton explores the difficulties facing May and millions of women who joined the work force only to be denied their jobs once the men return from overseas.


Allison McLemore – May

Susanne Marley – Mrs. Brummett

Carole Monferdini – Mrs. Gill

Joel Ripka – Raleigh


Written by Arlene Hutton

Directed by Jay Stratton

Scenic Design by Charles Corcoran

Lighting Design by Lara Dubin

Costume Design by Charles Schoonmaker

Sound Design by Tom Shread