July 28-August 7

Moses and Kitch want out of their Chicago neighborhood and off the corner to which they are tethered. They dream of the things that await them in the Promised Land—clean socks and the return of a dead brother—if only if they can pass over. This “surreal and morbidly funny existential drama” (Variety) was the first play performed when Broadway reopened in 2021.

Christina Franklin, whose work on 2021’s The Niceties received a Berkshire Theatre Critics nomination, returns for her second season at CTC. Kayodè Soyemi will play Moses, Austin Sasser will play Kitch, and the production will also feature Berkshire Theatre Critics award winner James Barry playing two roles.

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Season Sponsors: Richard and Carol Seltzer

Artistic Director Sponsors: Karen and Chuck Schader

Education Sponsors: Ed and Carla Slomin

Production Sponsors: Emily Wojcik and Michael Thurston

Director Sponsor: Wil Hastings


James Barry- Ossifer, etc.

Kayodè Soyemi- Moses

Austin Sasser- Kitch


Directed by Christina Franklin

Set design by Nadir Bey

Costume design by Sarafina Bush, assisted by Christina Beam

Lighting design by Madeline Hebert

Sound design by James McNamara

Stage managed by Chevonne Baylor