Beane is a social liability – an innocent, but literal-minded observer of life. His sister and her husband love Beane, but their get-togethers have hilariously disastrous outcomes. Following a burglary in Beane’s apartment, they are surprised to find Beane transformed — he’s blissfully happy – and in love for the first time. In their scramble to unravel the mystery of the new woman in Beane’s life, they are surprised to find the dormant fires in their marriage rekindled. A touching comic romance wrapped in an offbeat rhapsody to the power of love.


Mary Cavett

Paden Fallis

Manon Halliburton

Paul Ricciardi


by John Kolvenbach


Directed By Byam Stevens

Scenic Design by Charles Corcoran

Lighting Design by Jill Nagle

Costume Design by Charles Schoonmaker

Sound Design by James McNamara


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August 8, 2011

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July 4, 2011

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July 1, 2011

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“powerful work”
New City

“Margulies is a supremely intelligent writer”
Chicago Sun-Times

“an engrossing, thought-provoking, and incredibly well-executed study in how the ways we pursue fulfillment not only define who we are, but also what we choose to preserve in our lives”
Gapers Block