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Dov is a Jewish high school English teacher. Ali is a Pakistani Muslim in Dov’s class. When Ali comes for extra help on THE LORD OF THE FLIES a complex relationship is born. Dov’s culture has taught him to question everything, Ali’s culture — to accept everything his father espouses. But, it’s the women in their lives who will pay the price for Dov and Ali’s failure to cross the cultural divide. A fearless play that tackles powerful world issues from an intimate, human perspective.



Manish Dayal

Heddy Lahmann,

Benjamin Pelteson

Lipica Shah



Written by Anna Ziegler

Directed by MichelleTattenbaum

Scenic Design by Sean A. Cote

Lighting Design by Jill Nagle

Costume Design by Heather Crocker Aulenbach

Sound design by James NcNamara