EPA Auditions for CTC’s 2014 Season

Chester bridgeChester Theatre Company
Byam Stevens, Artistic Director

Friday, April 25, 2014, 09:30am-5:00pm
Town Hall Theatre, 15 Middlefield Street, Chester MA, 01011

Wednesday, April 30, 2014,  9:30am-5:30pm
Studio B, Actors Equity Association, 165 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10036

In 2014, CTC will present its 25th  season in Chester, MA.
CTC produces under an AEA/SPT Level 6 contract
For more information about CTC, go to www.chestertheatre.org

To arrange an appointment for the Chester EPA, please call 413.354.7770
Monday-Friday, 10-3, beginning Monday, April 14, 2014; or email: info@chestertheatre.org
The New York EPA will be scheduled and monitored by AEA.

Please prepare a short contemporary monologue.
Full descriptions of plays available at www.chestertheatre.org

by J.T. Rogers
Directed by James Warwick
Performances June 25- July 6
First Rehearsal June 2

Gideon has disappeared. His sister, June; his mother, Lilian; and Nathan, his father’s business partner, come to a hotel room in Rome seeking answers. As their stories unfold, weaving back and forth in time, a complex web of relationships is revealed. And yet, the essential mystery – why did Gideon vanish – remains.

  • JUNE, early 30’s – Cultured and soulful. A tourist guide by trade, a vestal virgin by nature. CAST*
  • LILIAN, around 60 – Cultured, sophisticated Upper East Side society woman of substance. CAST*
  • NATHAN, around 60 – An economic theorist from the Midwest. Enthralled by his partner’s family.
  • Stage Manager

by Sharr White
Directed by Robert Egan
Performances July 10-20
First rehearsal June 16

Twenty years ago, in the middle of the night, Emma walked out on Ulysses, taking their infant son. Now, hearing he’s in dire straits, she tracks him down in a trailer park on the high plains of  Colorado. Their reunion is alternately comic and conflicted. And, the more they understand what drove them apart, the more they’re drawn together.

  • ULYSSES, mid-50’s – once a cowboy poet and university professor, now a fast-talking master of denial.
  • EMMA, mid-50’s – An urbane, fierce, protective New Englander. Often selfless, but denies it. CAST*
  • Stage Manager

by Caryl Churchill
Directed by Byam Stevens
Performances July 30 – August 10
First Rehearsal July 7

Bernard learns that he has been cloned. Shocked, he seeks an explanation from his father, Salter. But then, so do two other “sons”. Who is the original? Who are the clones? A fast-paced psychological thriller and a dark tale of a father’s love for his son.

  • BERNARD, late 30’s – Also Bernard2 & Michael, clones. By turns earnest, frightening, content.
  • SALTER, 60 – An improviser. Without a shred of backbone. Always looking to game the system.
  • Stage Manager CAST*

By Jessica Dickey
Directed by Daniel Elihu Kramer
Performances August 14-24
First rehearsal July 21

A fictional exploration of the Nickel Mines Schoolhouse shooting, a tragedy in an Amish community. A one woman show in which the actress plays a host of characters – victims, community members, the gunman – some trapped in cycles of grief, others struggling to forgive.

  • THE ACTRESS, late 20’s – Garrulous child to cynical wife to Hispanic shopgirl.
    Requires both range and facility with rapidly changing characterizations. CAST*
  • Stage ManagerCAST*

*Performers will be considered as possible replacements, should any become necessary.