CTC: Succeeding in Small Business

CTC Artistic Director Daniel Elihu Kramer was recently featured in an article by Mark G. Auerbach on Succeeding in Small Business. It’s a great peek into the business of running a not-for-profit arts organization.

EXCERPT: Chester Theatre may still be miniature in production size, but it’s big league in its artistic endeavors. Contemporary hits by up-and-coming playwrights, among them Lauren Gunderson, Annie Baker, Sharr White, and Ayad Ahktar, share the stage with co-productions and premieres. Kramer has enlisted some of the best actors and directors, among them WAM Theatre’s Kristen Van Ginhoven, to partner on plays. Chester’s theatre tours to London, Toronto, Chicago, and Washington engage the growing audience during the off-season. And, the accolades come in, from the many “wins” at the Berkshire Theatre Critics Awards to a recent New Yorker profile.

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