Colette Robert–Someone You Should Know!

Colette Robert, director of On the Exhale, was recently profiled on Visible Soul. We agree with blogger Zack Calhoon that Colette is a a person you want to know!
When did you know that you wanted to be a director?
I started directing in high school. I had to direct a scene from Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing for a class, and something just clicked in my brain. It was the combination of text analysis and making something visual in 3D that I loved. I’m also pretty introverted, so directing helped get me out of my shell a bit, and talk to people I’d normally find too intimidating to approach.
It wasn’t until my senior year of college, though, that I knew I was in it for life. I directed Three Tall Women for my senior project, and the morning after the final performance, as I was trying to catch up on all the other classwork that I’d neglected during tech, I knew I really just wanted to be back in rehearsal again, and that if I could just keep directing shows forever, I’d be pretty darn happy.
We’re pretty darn happy that Colette is here directing her third show for us. On the Exhale opens July 25.
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