Birds of North America

Birds of North America

Written by Anna Ouyang Moench

July 7-17



Binoculars. Birds. A Baltimore backyard. Over the course of a decade, a father and daughter navigate the changes in the climate and in their relationship. As the world around them shifts in ways both towering and minute, the one constant is the life list they keep in their birding notebook.

Christopher Patrick Mullen, last seen in the 2004 production of The Pavilion, returns to Chester to play John. Caitlyn will be played by Micheline Wu in her CTC debut.


“A gentle reminder to seize the day for yourself and those you love.” (DC Metro)

Season Sponsors: Richard and Carol Seltzer

Artistic Director Sponsors: Karen and Chuck Schader

Education Sponsors: Ed and Carla Slomin


Production Sponsor: The Sunny Reid Fund

Director Sponsors: Cipora Brown and Steven Feiner

Micheline Wu- Caitlyn

Christopher Patrick Mullen- John

Alex Keegan- Director