Written by Ayad Akhtar

July 5th-July 15th
Thursday 2pm & 8pm, Friday 8pm, Saturday 2pm & 8pm, Sunday 2pm


“There’s a result to believing that a book written about life in a specific society fifteen hundred years ago is the word of God: You start wanting to recreate that society.”

A successful corporate attorney confronts the Muslim heritage he has hidden, even from himself. This Pulitzer Prize winning play explores the prickly and often painful territory of American identity. Featuring Kim Stauffer in her return to the Town Hall Theatre.

Sponsored by Cipora Brown and Steven Feiner

Mary’s Wedding

Written by Stephen Massicotte

July 26th-August 5th
Thursday 2pm & 8pm, Friday 8pm, Saturday 2pm & 8pm, Sunday 2pm


“So tomorrow is Mary’s wedding, tonight is just a dream…It begins at the end and ends at the beginning.”

When Mary and Charlie find themselves sheltering from a storm in the same barn, they don’t yet realize their chance meeting will change their young lives. The tale of a great love told in the shadow of the Great War.

Sponsored by Rhonda and Carl Steeg

Critics love MARY’S WEDDING!

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The Aliens

Written by Annie Baker

August 9th-August 19th
Thursday 2pm & 8pm, Friday 8pm, Saturday 2pm & 8pm, Sunday 2pm


“I don’t think I’m good enough. I don’t know. I’m not like a genius…or anything.”

“How do you know?”

Jasper and KJ have created their own universe behind a local coffee shop. What could these two drop-outs possibly teach 17-year-old Evan about life? James Barry, Joel Ripka, and Paul Pontrelli star in this play by Amherst native, MacArthur Fellow, and Pulitzer Prize winner Annie Baker.

Sponsored by Helene and Whiting Houston.

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White Rabbit Red Rabbit

A Special Mid-Season Event

Written by Nassim Soleimanpour

July 19th–July 21st
Thursday 2pm, Friday 8pm, Saturday 2pm & 8pm

No actor has ever performed this play twice–not ever–so each show is guaranteed to be unique. It’s an international sensation steeped in mystery, so we won’t quote it here because even the actor doesn’t get to see the script until the lights come up on stage. The Berkshires’ own Debra Jo Rupp and Chester Theatre favorite Joel Ripka are two of the performers scheduled to appear. Please check www.chestertheatre.org for updates on scheduled performers.

Sponsored by The Sunny Reid Fund

Bar Mitzvah Boy

American Premiere

Written by Mark Leiren-Young

June 21 – July 1
Thursday 2pm & 8pm, Friday 8pm, Saturday 2pm & 8pm, Sunday 2pm


“I’ll make a donation.”

“That would be lovely.”

“And then you’ll Bar Mitzvah me.”

A late-in-life Bar Mitzvah (and successful divorce attorney) is finding his his spiritual way while the rabbi guiding him is losing hers. The 2017 Jewish Playwriting Prize winner stars Berkshire favorite Tara Franklin and Boston veteran actor Will LeBow.

Sponsored by Karen and Charles Schader

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