Chester Theatre Company

Daniel Elihu Kramer, Producing Artistic Director

EQUITY PRINCIPAL AUDITIONS for the 2017 Season will be announced soon






Tuesday, May 10, 2015: 9am-4:00pm
Town Hall Theatre, 15 Middlefield Street, Chester MA, 01011

New York City Auditions Thursday May 19, 2016: 9:30a.m. – 5:30p.m.
Studio B, Actors Equity Association, 165 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10036

In 2016, CTC will present its 27th season in Chester, MA.

CTC produces under an AEA/SPT Level 6 contract

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by Daniel Elihu Kramer                        Directed by Knud Adams

Performances June 29- July 10           First Rehearsal June 6


The sweeping drama of Charlotte Brontë’s beloved novel Jane Eyre is given a contemporary twist as the story of Jane’s journey from Victorian hardship to independence and happiness works its magic on readers today.

Mr. Rochester/Interviewer: Male, Any ethnicity, 30s-40s, intelligent, rugged, both private and charismatic, ability to switch between roles

Jane/Reader: Female, Any ethnicity, 20’s, intelligent, private, ability to switch between roles

Narrator/Reader: Female, Any ethnicity, 30’s-50’s, thoughtful, ability to engage with audience and switch between roles

Multiple Roles/Reader: Female, Any ethnicity, any age, ability to play across a broad range of roles

Stage Manager – CAST




by Anat Gov                                         Directed by Guy Ben-Aharon

Performances July 14-24                     First rehearsal July 6

It’s no joke when God becomes so depressed he’s ready to end it all—“all” being humankind, his greatest and most disappointing creation. Can Ella, a therapist with doubts about her own faith, talk him out of it in a single session? God only knows.

God: Male, Any ethnicity, intelligent, proud, boastful, confused, 40’s-60’s – CAST

Ella: Female, Any ethnicity, therapist, mother, intelligent, full of both doubt and desire to believ -CAST

Stage Manager – CAST*




by John Kolvenbach                           Directed by Daniel Elihu Kramer

Performances August 3-14                 First Rehearsal July 11

Lily, a lost dreamer, drifts from one bad relationship to another. Anna tries so hard to protect Lily she’s making her sister’s life miserable. Malcolm, Anna’s husband, is wittiest when he’s talking to himself. Enter a dust-covered drifter. This family outing is about to take a detour.

Malcolm: Male, Any ethnicity, 40ish, intelligent, a writer, supportive, defers to his wife Anna

William Casy: Male, Any ethnicity, age unclear: 30’s-40’s?, thoughtful, guarded but talkative

Anna: Female, Any ethnicity, late thirties, older sister, loving, domineering, intelligent, takes no nonsense

Lilly: Female, Any ethnicity, early-mid thirties, younger sister, intelligent, risk-taking, doesn’t want to grow up

Stage Manager – CAST*




By Katori Hall                                                Directed by Collette Robert

Performances August 18-28                         First rehearsal July 25

April 3, 1968. In a drab room at the Lorraine Motel, an exhausted Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  wants two things; a cup of coffee and a cigarette. What he gets instead is Camae, a brash, irreverent maid who forces King to confront his legacy as a leader and a man.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Male, African-American, late 30’s, civil rights leader, charismatic, tired

Camae: Female, African-American, 20’s – early 30’s, hotel maid, has a mission of her own

Stage ManagerCAST*

*Performers will be considered as possible replacements, should any become necessary.